В наличии сухое цельное и обезжиренное гранулированное молоко производства "Maslellone" (Аргентина).
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Получена на склад гранулированная деминерализованная сыворотка производства Mastellone (Аргентина)
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About us

Commercial and industrial group "INTERPRODUCT" was formed in 1991 in St.-Petersburg as a food production trader company. Now the company represents the solidary collective of high quality specialists, the company has its own warehouses and an industrial platform, and also has established a reputation as a solid supplier of the largest factories of the food-processing industry.

We do not just deliver food raw materials and components from any part of the world, but also we carry out orders of manufacturing of dry food compounds and ingredients using modern equipment. Also we render services in foreign-economic activities, logistics, certification, warehousing and storage of food raw materials in our own certificated warehouses.

The Group "INTERPRODUCT" provides to the clients Customs service, financial service and communication service with foreign partners.

LLC "Interproduct" offers at the base of its own industrial-warehouse complex full volume of all operations: starting from acceptance of raw materials, quality assurance and processing till target control and dispatch. The warehouse allows to store raw materials in various packages: from 25 kg bags to big-begs with weight up to 1500 kg. When we are working out of new products the special attention is given to a choice of assortment of components for the purpose of quality maintenance of an end-product. Basic differences in manufacture and storage are thus considered. 




Office 203, 17A Pirogovskaya nab., 194044, St.Petersburg, Russia

Tel. +7 812 322 9296, Fax. +7 812 322 92 95

e-mail: box@interproduct.ru


28-V Beloostrovbskay str. St.Petersburg, Russia

Tel./Fax +7 812 496 5250

The warehouse is open 7 days of a week from 9.00 a.m. till 9 p.m.

e-mail: pallett@interproduct.ru