В наличии сухое цельное и обезжиренное гранулированное молоко производства "Maslellone" (Аргентина).
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Получена на склад гранулированная деминерализованная сыворотка производства Mastellone (Аргентина)
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Mixing services of dry food ingredients. Our own manufacture of dry food production and ingredients.

Sanitary Permission № 78-05-06/45-4850-07 dated December, 10th 2007.

The permission of the Main State Veterinary Inspector of St.-Petersburg 78-300/09 dated March, 16th, 2009.

Semi-automatic line on manufacturing of dry compounds, with productivity 2 t/hour, six-componental mixing, accuracy of dispensing of components 250 gr, accuracy of prepacking is 25 gr. Minimum mixing volume is 50 kg.

The base of the line is horizontal agitator mixer of periodic action in volume of 0,5 cubic meters, placed on a weight platform.

Such design allows to achieve the best uniformity of mixing of dry products with the size of firm particles no more than 80 microns and the highest accuracy of batching. The minimum time of mixing is 2 minutes, standard time of weighing is 5 minutes at a total load.

The line allows to mix 6 components at one phase, which are loaded into 6 bunkers with volume of 0,5-1,5 cubic m, equipped with portioning devices. After mix procedure the product is sifted and packed up in container.

The packing module allows to pack production into bags with polyethylene inners, net weight of product 15-30 kg. Bags can be soldered or sewn up.

All processes are automated, personnel participation is limited by loading of initial components and tapping of ready production.

A possibility of adding into a mix some microcomponents is provided at the line.

Also there is a laboratory mixer which is used for process modeling, and allows to receive premixes for mixing process.